Brush Maintenance: A How To Guide

Some of the most important items in your makeup kit will be your brushes. Whether you are using $1 E.l.f brushes (no shade, those are dope), or if you are fancy as hell with your Wayne Goss brushes, it is imperative that you treat them well or neither will last.

For Quick Clean Ups:

I recommend purchasing a spray brush cleaner to keep product from building up in the bristles between uses. My favorite ones are the Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner and the It's Your Brush Love by It Cosmetics. Both of these cleaners have great formulas that clean and disinfect bristles and they both dry extremely quickly. If you would like a more affordable option, I have created my own brush cleaner which is only $7, and you can order one by contacting me via email or right here on my website <3 It comes in a spray bottle which is best for travel and convenience. 

  1. Spray bristles generously with the cleaner 

  2. Wipe the bristles off on a towel in circular motions or back & forth - don't use too much pressure or else you will move the bristles too much and damage the brush.

  3. Repeat if necessary to remove all product

  4. You're done! 

For Deep Cleans:

No matter how often you do your makeup, you should deep clean your brushes at least once a week..(unless you just don't wear makeup, but chances are you are here because you do). My favorite cleanser to use for deep cleans is the Beautyblender Blendercleanser Solid which is a solid soap, but you can even use dish soap if you don't have anything else. If you don't clean them often, bacteria builds up and enjoys feasting on all the left over makeup particles. Then you just put those back on your face day after day, and that can definitely cause some breakouts or even serious infections.  Cleanliness is next to flawlessness <3

  1. Wet brush bristles with warm water, avoid getting the brush wet above the ferrel (metal piece)

  2. Rub your brush into solid soap or into a dish with soap in it

  3. Massage the brush bristles in your hands to work out the product and don't tug too hard

  4. Rinse brushes & Repeat 2 & 3 if needed

  5. Squeeze out as much water from bristles as you can without damaging the brush 

  6. Wipe brush off on a towel to remove as much water from the bristles

  7. Let the brush air dry upside down with the bristles on a towel and the handle gently resting on an incline. This prevents water from going into the ferrel and breaking down the glue that holds the bristles. You can move the brush around so that it doesn't dry with the bristles all smushed to one side.

  8. All done!

For Storage:

Now once your brushes are nice and clean it's time to store them away. To store your brushes, keep them in a cool dry place that is out of the sun. You can put them in almost any container, but be sure that the bristles are in the air so that they don't flatten out and lose their shape. I love using big mugs to hold my face brushes and acrylic storage for my eye brushes. If you have a dual ended brush, store it sideways in a drawer so that neither side gets damaged.


Leave a comment if this was helpful to you, and please share any brush care tips that you have down below <3 Thanks for reading, and feel free to share this with friends/family!