Prep + What to Expect for Your Makeup Appointment



Come with Clean Skin

One of the best things you can do to prepare for your appointment is to come with fresh clean skin. You don't want to waste precious glam time during your appointment for your artist to clean last night's mascara off. If you want to go the extra mile, feel free to exfoliate that morning too and follow through with your skincare regimen. 

Bring Some Makeup Inspiration Pics

If you aren't a subscribing member to all things makeup related, it may be a little difficult to put into words what kind of makeup you would like. If you want to make sure you are on the same page as your artist, be sure to show some pictures of looks you love or would like to try. You can start with celebrity photos on Pinterest, that should help you gauge what makeup looks you are drawn to. Also, be open to the artists suggestions, as it is our job to create looks that will suit you best. Come with an open mind, here is your chance to step outside of your makeup comfort zone.

Find Out What You Don't Like

While you are on your inspiration hunt for beauty looks, also take note of what you don't like. Tell your artist what eyeshadow colors you really despise, whether or not you're a glossy lip kinda person, or if you really dislike certain trends. This can help your artist avoid choosing something you won't like. 



You + Your Artist Will Get Very Close

Some people have a personal bubble that they don't like to invite most people into, say goodbye to this while you get your makeup done. Your artist will be up in your grill for about an hour blending out eyeshadow and tapping in concealer. Although they will do their best to respect your space, don't be shy to say you need a second to breathe or to sip your prosseco. 

Ask Questions

If you want to know what products they use, or if you want pro recommendations, feel free to ask your artist any and all things beauty related. They should be an excellent resource when it comes to recommendations as well as what is new in the world of beauty. Plus, Pro MUAs are most likely obsessed with makeup and they love to share that passion with anyone who asks about it.

Rest + Relax

Although you will be mostly sitting still, sometimes your makeup artist will need to get into the little nooks + crannies in your face to ensure that everything is nice and blended out. They could probably make it work without you doing anything at all, but I sometimes ask my clients to look up or down or to close their eyes depending on which area I'm working on. This should be easy, but I wanted to note it. Mostly though, relax! This is your time to sit back and sip on some fine wine (or coffee or whatever your drink of preference is) and forget about timelines, schedules, and adult-ing in general. Devote this one hour to deep thought and relaxation. Not only will you look glamorous, but you will emerge refreshed and ready to conquer the world.