5 Ways to Step Up Your Sustainability Game

Trying to find ways to be less wasteful? This little guide should help within the realm of your beauty routine. Check out some simple ways to save:


1. Reuse + Recycle Packaging

As you may know, cosmetics aren't forever. Go through your products at least once a month to throw out what has expired. Most packaging is recyclable, so take the extra step to clean it and throw it in your green bin. Some companies even take back containers in order to reuse them and even give you incentives to do so, hello free face masks (shout out to Lush Cosmetics) . If you can't recycle it, find a way to reuse the container for travel or for holding bobby pins. The sky really is the limit, let your creativity roam freely.

2. Compost Compost Compost

If you are on the composting bandwagon, don't forget to throw in your cotton swabs and paper towels. It is awesome to add these items into your composting system instead of throwing them away. If you aren't ready to jump into the world of composting, ask around and maybe you'll know someone who won't mind adding your stuff in with theirs.

3. Using Reusable Cotton Pads

I am a big fan of using micellar waters or coconut oil to remove my makeup after a long day, but what I don't love is the amount of cotton rounds I need to take it all off. I recently discovered reusable cotton pads that you can just throw in the washer and reuse. Invest in a few of these babies and say goodbye to the waste.

4. Clean & Send Old Mascara Wands to the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge

Because why wouldn't you want your old, but good wands to help clean up little critters? Wash 'em up and send 'em in.

5. Avoid Environmentally Damaging Ingredients

I may do an entire blog post on this topic, but some ingredients used in cosmetics just aren't good. They aren't good for your skin, your health, the environment, or the wildlife that unfortunately encounters them. As you may know, microbeads have been banned from products in the U.S. This is one step towards a sustainable future, but there is still a long way to go. You can do your part by checking the back of any new purchases and avoiding some nasty ingredients. A few of these include BHT, BHA, Petroleum, and Dimethicone.